2020-Total Calls-1339

Fires 78

Rescue EMS Assist 912

Hazardous Conditions 97
Service Calls 49

Good Intent Calls 54

False Alarm and False Calls 141

Severe Weather  7

Special Incidents or complaints 2
Permits and Inspections 816

Mutual Aid to other Communities:

Auburn 1

Brookfield 1

Charlton 2

East Brookfield 2

Leicester 4

Millville 2

North Brookfield 4

Northbridge 1

Paxton 1

Rutland 1

Southbridge 2

Sturbridge 3

Sutton 2

Worcester 1



Mutual Aid from other Communities:

Brookfield 2

Charlton 2

East Brookfield 12

Leicester 12

North Brookfield 4

Oakham 2

Paxton 5

Sturbridge 2

D7 Tech Rescue 1

11/23    Bay Path Road, medical assist

             Linden street, medical assist

11/24   Highland Street, oil burner issue

            Briarcliff Lane, medical assist

            Greenville Street, medical assist

            Cherry Street, medical assist

            Spring Street, medical assist

            North Spencer Road, motor vehicle collision

11/25   Valley Street, Cancelled

            Prospect Street, gas leak

11/26  Clark Road,  medical assist

            Howe Village, medical assist

11/27  Cherry Street, medical assist

           Ash Street, smoke detector activation

           Main Street, medical assist

           Pleasant Street, medical assist

           Clark Road, medical assist 

           Valley and Water Streets, motor vehicle collision

11/28  Williams Drive, medical assist

           Crown Street, medical assist

           Crestview Drive, medical assist

           Meadow Street, medical assist

           Main Street, medical assist

           Clark Road, medical assist

           Old Farm Road, medical assist

           Town Beach Road, Leicester, Building fire

11/29  Duggan Street, medical assist

           Lincoln Street, medical assist

           Howe Village, fire alarm



Phone - 508-885-3555

Fax -      508-885-2732

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