Open Burning Information

Open burning permits are issued between January 15 and May 1. Permits can be obtained at the fire station during normal business hours (Monday-Friday 8am-4pm) and also on weekends from 8am-12pm. Permits are $10 and can be paid for in cash, by check or by money order. If paying in cash, please try to bring exact change.

Once you stop in to apply for your permit, your brush pile must be inspected for compliance prior to being issued your permit. Once your permit is issued, it is valid for the rest of the burning season. You may request your inspection at the time of your application, or if you need more time, at a later date simply by calling the fire station at 508-885-3555. If you wish to burn on the same day you are requesting an inspection, you must request your inspection by 11:15am. You do not need to be present at your property at the time of inspection.

Burning, once a permit has been obtained, is permitted only when conditions are acceptable as determined by the MA DEP and the Spencer Fire Department. To find out if burning is allowed in Spencer for the day, call the station at 508-885-3555.

Open Burning in Massachusetts is regulated by the MA DEP. To learn more about their regulations and air quality determinations, see the information provided in the following links: